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Installation Service

Our Skilled Installation Service:

Although the Water-King does not need any plumbing alterations, we do understand that some of our customers require their Water-King to be professionally installed. For this reason, Advanced Environmental Water Technologies able to supply skilled installers for the Water-King units and can provide a nationwide service for our customers.

To Arrange Installation of Your Water-King:

When you place your order for the Water-King of your choice, and you do require Professional installation, please state at the time of your order.

Your local installer will charge you for the installation of your Water-King unit, and we have recommended the following price tariff:

Recommended Installation Costs:

plus tax
plus tax
plus tax

(Send No Money Now, Your Installer Will Charge You Separately)

Please Note:

The price of installation covers only the cost of installing the Water-King unit - It does not include any additional work such as re-sitting or installing a new 15amp socket. Any additional work will only be provided by mutual consent between you and your installer. (Your installer may at his discretion extend the 12Volt flex at no extra cost if your 15amp receptacle is reasonably near.)

Your 100 Day money back guarantee still stands:

We will rebate you the full price paid according to the terms of our guarantee but we cannot refund the installation costs since they have already been paid to the installer.