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Now you can see for yourself why over 250,000 people choose Water-King to overcome the problem of hard water and limescale

I am writing to let you know of one very satisfied customer. Dry, itchy skin, with red, flaky patches was making my son's life a misery, and a recent ski holiday had exacerbated the problem.

I just didn't have the space for an old-fashioned water softener, so I was delighted with the simple and compact Water-King. It was no trouble to install and has made all the difference to my son's eczema - he used to suffer terribly, especially in the winter. Now, he never mentions it, which is as it should be.

"even my dog's bowl is lime free..."

Dear Mr Seccombe,

I purchased and fitted my "Water-King" in April of this year.

With the family's full backing I can say without any reservations, "It works". Thank you for your excellent service, we all wish you every good fortune,

Yours sincerely

Brian Ford


Thank you, but we have already fitted your Water-King which is working well. My son also has one fitted and ordered five in all appliances for friends & colleagues. We are still within our 100 days trial period.

G Jones

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