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1st July 1995

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the Water King WK1 that we purchased in May of this year. It is performing splendidly and fully justifies all the claims you made for it.

I have to confess I had my doubts at the outset, not being sufficiently technical to be able to evaluate the product for myself.

However we are now more than satisfied - and have today ordered a second W.K.1, - this time as a present for our son.

We wish you much success with this excellent product.

Yours faithfully,

W. Ludow Price

"No Clinkers from Norfolk"


Alan & June Harmsworth
Lakefield, Ontario, Canada

Dear Sir

You shall be pleased to hear that we shall not be taking advantage of the 100 day money back quarantee. The " Water King" unit is working just fine.

The "WK1" replaced an expensive chemical water softener that we had rented for five years, at a cost of $21.94 per month. In addition, we had to purchase salt.

What we don't miss is the noise that the old unit made during the backwash cycle ( every two weeks). Of course, lugging large bags of salt into the basement was no fun either.

Finally we are more than happy with the " Water King" and will continue to reccommend it to others.

Alan & June Harmsworth


Gerry Dobra
Cumberland, Ontario, Canada

Dear Ms. Gibson,

In May of this year, I purchased one of Your WK1 water conditioners. To date we have been very pleased with the performance of the unit. It has eliminated the need for a conventional water softener and the attendant hassles related to water and salt usage.

The WK1 was very easy to install and requires very little space. I have shown it to a number of people in my area including my plumber. All remain sketical It's unfortunate that they are missing out on this amazing product. it has exceeded my expectations -- in the sense that it really works -- and is well worth the the cost.

I wish you the best of luck in deveoping the market for the Water King in Canada


Gerry Dobra


Terry Brown
Waubaushene, Ontario

Dear Gary:

In June of this Year I purchased a Wk1 water conditioner for our home. We live in a typically hard water area and our well is completed in granite rock. Our home has oil fired hot water heating, and I was noticing that the hot water tank was firing for longer periods of time, with snapping sounds near the end of the cycle. I acidized the tank to dissolve any deposits buildup, but this didn't seem to help.

After installing the WK1 ,which took abouty 10 minutes, I went upstairs to taste the water. Immediately I noticed less taste in the water. After a week I drained my hot water tank. There was so much material ( about 3mm in the bottom of my laundry tub) , that I thought I had developed a sand problem in my well. After draining off about 20 litres, the sediment stopped coming. Acid reacted with thje sediment proving that it was calcium carbonate ( the "lime" that buildup we see in kettles). Weekly, for three months I drained the hot water tank and the amounts diminished each time. Now I drain it once a month. No more "snapping" sounds at the end of the firing cyce (deposits heating up and breaking). The WK1 will save on our fuel olil bill this winter.

Another benefit I noticed is that any hard water stains are now much easier to remove. There is minimal film on the glass shower and it cleans up with normal household cleaner. Before installing the WK1, Tilex or other more powerful products had to be used for cleaning.

I'm very happy with the unit and there is no maintenance whatsoever.

Thanks again. All the best in the New Year

Terry Brown

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