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Dear Mr Seccombe,

With reference to your letter dated 1 May 1995, to my wife, Mrs R C Johnson and our subsequent order, we are very pleased with the Water-King.

Would you please send details of the Water-King to Mr V Hills, who has declared his intention of ordering the equipment to suit his larger house.

If you could send me five copies of the details of the Water-King I will distribute them to our immediate neighbours with an invitation to check the improvement already so obvious in our house.

Yours sincerely,

B A Johnson

"I grovel..."

Dear Sirs

A few weeks ago I sent back a WK1 WaterKing because I had not seen any difference in water hardness. Now I have scale and scum. So I grovel. A Lifescientist rang me to say I may need a size larger in the WK series (four bedrooms, two bathrooms) and offered the larger size.

"Working beautifully in Bournemouth..."

Dear Sirs,

Mr. Wythe fitted our Water King on June 23rd and Im delighted to say its working beautifully, but this isn't really a complimentary note, which I'll do later, as promised but to ask you to post information to a friend of mine who has expressed interest, he already has a traditional softener, as I did when I lived in Great Missenden, so I can't say whether it will lead to anything.

Many thanks,
Yours sincerely,
Frieda Round.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am very pleased with the water-softening unit bought from you at the end of last year and find myself recommending it to visitors to our home, If you would like to send me 10 introductory leaflets about your product, I would be happy to give them to those interested.

Yours faithfully,

Bryan F. Spinney

Dear Mr. Wendon,

Enclosed is the faulty transformer as requested. Thank you for the promptness with which you sent the replacement unit.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how well the Water King is working. I used to have to empty loose limescale from my shower head after each shower, but now, having had the Water King working for six weeks, there is only an occasional piece coming through. Judging but the difference the unit has made already, even that should disappear soon. I would like to thank you for an excellent product and service.

Yours sincerely,

M.M. West.

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