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WK1 available for residential properties

Model WK1

Water-King 1

Actual Size: 113mm x 83mm x 53mm

The WK1 has been designed specifically for use in homes with a maximum water consumption of 2000 litres per day. Putting that into perspective, it is estimated that one person uses about 500 litres per day. The extent of pipework and the size of water cylinder are other factors in the equation, but they are determined largely by property size. On that basis, the WK1 will treat effectively an average family house with up to 4 bedrooms and one bathroom.
The unit is best fitted to the cold water main before or after the shut off valve and before the first T-junction. If this site is not accessible, then any position on the main before the hot water tank will suffice.

If you have any queries about the adequacy of a WK1 for your house, please contact our TOLL FREE Helpline at 1-888-928-3754. In larger 3 or 4-bedroomed properties, you will get even more benefit from an additional WK1 located on the cold down service to your hot water tank. If you do order two units together, we will give you a discount of 10% on the overall price.

Technical Data

The WK1 transmits a series of low-frequency electro-magnetic radio waves ranging from l to 7kHZ, pre-selected and controlled by micro-chip technology. The 110-120V power source is transformed to 12-18V and draws a maximum of 50mA with an aerial transmission of 0.75 watt. A 120/12V transformer is included with the WKI.

Industrial and Commercial Water-King Installations

Larger Water-King units are available for industrial and commercial applications. Model WK3 is particluarly suitable for mid-sized hotels of around 30-40 bedrooms, or any unit with water consumption of up to 20,000 litres a day. Model WK4, is specifically for use in the industrial sector, and has a handling capacity of up to 200,000 litres a day.

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