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WK3 available for large domestic properties

Model WK3


Actual Size: 150mm x 220mm x 64mm

The WK3 has the capacity to provide water treatment for a consumption of up to 20,000 litres per day. It is suitable for a number of applications, some examples of which are as follows:
30-40 bedroom hotels
Small apartment blocks
Light industrial units
Office units
Cafes and small restaurants
Nursing / residential homes with up to 30 residents
Technical Data

The WK3 is particularly suitable for use in conjunction with equipment which has a high volume of water throughput and is located in an area prone to limescale deposits. Once existing deposits have been removed from pipework, the increase in energy efficiency is significant, while the equipment is protected from subsequent limescale deposition.

The WK3 has four aerials arranged in two pairs giving it the flexibility of treating either a single cold water main supply with a maximum diameter of 3 inches and a flow rate of up to 20,000 litres per day or two adjacent main supplies, each with a maximum flow rate of 7,000 litres per day and pipe diameter of not more than 3 inches.

The WK3 produces triple R.F. transmission at 30 volts and delivers 2 watts controlled by three individual micro-chips broadcasting asynchronously. Input power is 12 volts requiring up to 300 milliamps delivered by an external power supply unit (PSU) which is supplied with the unit. PSU's are available for all types of main power supply and plug configuration.

Some plumbing systems may require the addition of smaller Water-King units for the individual protection of specific appliances. For further advice please check with our TOLL FREE Helpline at 1-888-928-3754.

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