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WK2 available for residential properties

Model WK2


Actual Size: 220mm x 150mm x 64mm

The WK2 has been developed for larger houses and small hotels comprising 5 - 10 bedrooms. It caters for a water consumption of 5000 litres per day. The diameter of pipework should not exceed 1.5 inches.

Ideally, the WK2 should be sited on the rising main near the stop cock and before the first T-junction. In very hard water areas and locations with extensive pipework, it may be advisable to protect individual appliances such as immersion heaters by installing an additional WKI unit.

If you have any doubts about the amount of pipework which would merit installing an extra unit, please check with our TOLL FREE Helpline at 1-888-928-3754. Should you decide, after advice, to purchase a WK2 and WK1 together, we will discount the total price by 10%.

Technical Data

The WK2 has dual R.F. transmission controlled by two micro-chips which broadcast asynchronously, causing a further destabilisation of the Ca++ and C03-- ions. The circuit is 30V, derived from a 120V/12V transformer drawing a maximum of 100mA with an aerial transmission of 1 watt. A 120/12V transformer is included with the WK2.

The WK2 unit has been widely tried and tested and is currently in common use throughout the U.K. and the European mainland.
Water-King Technology: Patent applied for.

Industrial and Commercial Water-King Installations

Larger Water-King units are available for industrial and commercial applications. Model WK3 is particluarly suitable for mid-sized hotels of around 30-40 bedrooms, or any unit with water consumption of up to 20,000 litres a day. Model WK4 is specifically for use in the industrial sector, and has a handling capacity of up to 200,000 litres a day.

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