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Dr W. G. Abi Aoun B.Sc. MSc. Ph.D., an acknowledged expert in water treatment explains:- Water-King operates by inducing a specially selected range of electro-magnetic signals into the water through aerials wrapped around the pipes. These signals are carefully controlled by pre-programmed micro-chips. The combination of frequencies and amplitudes is unique (patent pending), and these interact with the dissolved salts present in hard water, whether it is flowing or static, causing the formation of sub-microscopic clusters. These clusters act as nucleation seeds for the precipitation of calcium carbonate when the water is heated. Precipitation, in the form of larger crystals, occurs on these seeds in the body of the water and not as a hard deposit of limescale on the inside of the pipes. Since the presence of nucleation seeds encourages the precipitation of calcium carbonate in the form of crystals in suspension, limescale encrustation in hot water cylinders, on heating elements and other surfaces in contact with the water is substantially reduced. The crystals will either settle as a soft sludgy deposit, or be carried away with the flowing water. New appliances such as showers, hot water cylinders and combi boilers will remain clear. If the appliance is already encrusted, existing deposits will become soft and will either break off or be washed away in the flowing water. To users, the treated water which contains less dissolved free calcium appears to behave much like chemically softened water. There is reduced encrustation, better lathering and less scum formation in the hot water. At the same time, but unlike chemically softened water where all the minerals are removed, the cold water from the tap can be safely used for drinking. There is no need for a separate “hard water tap” and no health risks whatsoever. The Water-King is the only electronic water treatment device that has been tested by independent accredited laboratories and proven to produce softer water. It has revolutionised the way experts think about providing solutions to hard water problems.

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