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How the problems of hard water were dealt with before Water-King

In the past few years, several different ways of dealing with the problem of limescale have been developed, but they all have limitations which should be recognised.

  1. Conventional Water Softeners. Until recently, these Ion Exchange softeners offered the only solution. They alter the water chemically by the addition of common salt. However, they are expensive to buy and install, the water they soften is undrinkable and is detrimental to plants, they have to be topped up regularly with salt and, significantly, the process removes the essential element of calcium.

  2. Bar/Permanent Magnets. There are several on-line magnets available and they do work spasmodically, but immunity develops and the hardness problems return.

  3. Electro-Magnets. In this instance, a magnetic field is created by a coil of single core wire wrapped round the water inlet. Such devices are an improvement on a simple magnet, but in many instances, the treatment fails eventually.

  4. Phosphate Dosing. A canister of phosphate balls (silicophosphate) is plumbed into the cold water mains to stop the precipitation of new limescale. However, the process does not remove existing scale, and the phosphate balls need regular replacement.

The fact is, therefore, that none of these methods has succeeded in overcoming the limescale problem either entirely, permanently or without deleterious side effects.

Then along came .......

The kind of solution that could only come from advanced technology.

The way in which Water-King works technologically is explained in detail overleaf. Briefly, however, it uses an advanced micro-chip to inject a series of specially selected low-frequency Electromagnetic radio waves into the water. These harmless low-band waves cause the salts which produce limescale to stay in solution without altering the chemical structure of the water. The essential calcium remains, but crystallises in a different form, staying in suspension.

The effect of this treatment is (a) to prevent the limescale in the hard water from depositing itself and (b) slowly to force back existing deposits into solution, thereby rendering water pipes and appliances scale free. The treated water acquires all the benefits of soft water without losing the essential elements of hard water, and the process works continuously. That is why Water-King can fairly claim to be at the forefront of a technological breakthrough and why Lifescience Products, as a company, can afford to back it with two unequivocal Guarantees.

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