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The problems of hard water

Water-King is a fully computerised water conditioner which descales and prevents limescale without the use of chemicals or salt. It is simple to install and requires no plumbing.

Anyone living in a hard water area know the problems of limescale. Kettles and shower heads fur up, scum lines appear on baths, shampoos don't lather as they should. These are obvious symptoms, and there are many more, but the biggest single problem lies in the damage limescale does to pipes and the consequent waste of energy it causes, as the graph shows here illustrates. Graph of fuel waste

It is extraordinary to think that just 3mm of limescale can cause a 25% loss in heating efficiency.

Why hard water causes problems

Hard water is a perfectly natural phenomenon. It contains a high percentage of minerals which are present as salts in solution. They are mainly Calcium and Magnesium based, and they are essential to plant and animal life.

Unfortunately, they also cause problems. The main culprit is Calcium Carbonate which is salt responsible for hardness. It is equally responsible for the formation of limescale, because of its rare property of dissolving in cold water and precipitating in hot water. Most other salts dissolve in hot water.

The loss in heating efficiency caused by the build-up of limescale in your water system can be extremely expensive, not only in terms of heating bills, but in appliance repair costs. The extent of the damage which can be caused is not always appreciated, until it is too late.

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