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WK5 available for industrial and commercial installations

Model WK5

Water-King 5

Actual Size: 280mm x 210mm x 140mm

The WK5 unit has been designed with sufficient flexibility to deal effectively with the demands of a whole variety of industrial and commercial installations. Examples are as follows:
Leisure centres and Swimming pools
Processing plants
Hotels and Restaurants
Hospitals and Nursing homes
Schools, Colleges and Govt. Installations
Commercial premises
Apartment blocks
Cooling towers
Commercial laundries
Technical Data

The WK5 has six output power settings operated by a rotating control switch. The Low Voltage Input position is for factory diagnostic use only. The other three settings are stepped voltage outputs in the range of 30 to 85 volts which provide flexibility in application by allowing for varying combinations of flow rates, pipe diameters, plumbing density and output requirements. The WK5 has quadruple R.F. transmission, controlled by four individual micro-chips which broadcast asynchronously. Some 350+ varying low-frequency radio waves are produced.

The unit has six aerials arranged in three pairs giving it the capability of treating either a single main supply with a maximum diameter of 6 inches and a flow rate of up to 200,000 litres per day or three adjacent main supplies, each with a flow rate of up to 70,000 litres per day. The standard 5 metre aerials will allow ten turns around a 6 inch diameter pipe.

The WK5 unit requires a mains supply of either 220/240V or 110V which is wired into the terminals provided. They are accessed by removal of the lower panel. Power supply is transformed internally. The unit is rated to IP65 and carries the CE mark.

Survey and Installation: Although the WK5 is easy to install and requires no maintenance, it is advisable to let a competent engineer complete a survey of the site to be treated prior to installation. A comprehensive site questionnaire can be FAXED to you for your completion and return. Once this has been received we will advise you or arrange a site visit by our own engineer.

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